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    Location:Home>TICV-W Wireless Intelligent Control Valve

    Product Introduction

    TICV series intelligent control valve (hereinafter referred to as the "control valve") is the company's ultra small electric valve product, the actuator with valve integrated design, greatly reducing the size. Control valve with indoor thermostat can realize the indoor temperature intelligent control. At the same time, control valve can upload the end user indoor temperature to PC server. End user or administrator can manage the valve open&close status even opening degree by PC command.

    Product Feature

        M-BUS communication interface.
        Bi-directional communication by wired or wireless with indoor thermostat.
        Read indoor temperature from indoor thermostat and transmission to server.
        Can control the valve status, lock, open&close (or open degree) by PC server and modify the parameters, like setting temperature, work mode and current time etc.
        M-bus line and 3.6V lithium battery power supply, no additional power supply.
        Open automatically when line power down, no impact for end user heating supply after power failure.

    Technical Paratmeter
    Nominal Diameter(mm)
    Control Mode
    open&close or opening degree (optional)
    Working Pressure
    Valve Body Material
    Power Supply
    M-Bus Line and 3.6V lithium battery or DC5V (optional)